The Vision Board Experience Masterclass

It's time to make your life vision happen - and take the action steps to bring it to reality.

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Globally Certified Vision Board Coach Tawawn Lowe is ready to empower and equip you with creating a powerful vision board.


Visions boards are amazing visualization tool for assisting indivduals with tapping into the magic of visioning, bringing your life or business vision from your mind to paper, mapping your goals in pictures and words, and a motivational tool to help you stay focus your goals leading you to the best version of yourself, and creating your best life.

Self-Investment: $67.00

Why you should attened?

The VBE Masterclass is a safe and comfortable environment designed for goal oriented like minded individuals who want to use proven success tool to acheive transformational change, or more fulifilling accomplishments. This Masterclass helps you to tap into your life vision, and put your dreams into ACTION. Whether it is to start your own business, go back to school, write a book, step up in your career, build new relationships, feel confident in your own skin, get fit, or heal - a vision board collates powerful images and words to represent everything it is you want to change, or achieve, and will motivate you towards the life you envision, and desire.

The VBE Masterclass curriculum uses the appreciative inquiry model to engage, guide and facilitate exercises that lead you in understanding the importance of a life vision, connecting your dreams and aspirations to your core values, understanding how vision boards work, and how to create a powerful vision board.

You will be taught how to effectively create a powerful visual representation of your life vision and then give you the steps to implement, to bring it into your reality (which is what a lot of the fluff and vision board parties/workshops leave out).


Self-Investment - $67.00

Meet Your Certified Vision Board Coach 

Tawawn Lowe is the CEO of TLEnterprises, a woman-and minority owned multifaceted company based in Maryland that provide consulting, coaching and training services to individuals and organizations; and the umbrella for TLConsultancy, LLC, and the Women Walking in Their Own Shoes Movement and Foundation.

Tawawn is an author, certified life and vision board coach who possess several certifications that empowers her to assist and teach individuals and organizations who to drive change to bring forth transformation and achieve successful results. She inspires and provides the tools for individuals to make significant changes that leads to personal and professional transformation, maximized potential; and the ability to transform visions into achievable goals, and goals into results. She assists and supports organizations with communicating their vision to achieve results, bring forth sustainable change, empower people, leverage their talent management, and become extraordinary leaders who led from their core values.

Tawawn uses one-on-one and group coaching, personal development and leadership training and motivational/informational speaking to bring forth change and results for her clients.

Tawawn goal is simple. She helps individuals and organizations drive successful change to achieve results!

Learn more at: www.tawawn.com